Happened recently: Pat Clark @ CMU, Aquaponics meetup, new Phipps building tour!


Pat Clark speaking @ CMU: Here he is during his presentation about the process of what’s going on in Larimer. In the middle of the day we got about 20-25 people, quite a few students.

GEM Meeting @ Phipps: I got a tour of the new building behind Phipps! Their solar arrays power most of the complex, I think. Also, they’ve got almost 200k gallons rainwater storage that is recycled on-site in a lagoon, but they can’t drink it! The tour was part of a Green Education Movement (GEM) meeting Maren took me to. Conservation Consultants Inc. & GrowPGH were there with a host of other organizations.

Mark Berger’s Aquaponics Setup: The aquaponics setup is small and definitely could fit in a garage–but it was cool. The event drew 30-40 people–a Will Sanders was among them, and he’s apparently quite experienced with fish, and had some words for Mark. 

Maren’s latest Salon: Apparently it was pretty much at capacity; 100+ people. 🙂 Maren thinks this is partially because of outreach through TPGH, but we have no wholly decent way of knowing without tracking where new RSVPs come in from.

GrowPGH/PASA/Phipps Garden Season Opener & Seed Share
This was, needless to say, cool. Such a wide variety of seeds there. Great potluck afterwards.

CEED: There were some heads of Nigeria’s Osun State government at this. Apparently they’re allied with the Small Business Administration, they’re just a religious & international version of it. I found myself checking out the crowd (60-100 people) before the Larimer Consensus Group meeting, didn’t get to hear much of it. It was full of cool folks, though.


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